Monday, November 9, 2009

People who are died or alive to ask them questions

1) Micheal Jackson, Christ Brown, Hannah Montana

a) Micheal Jackson why he made himself white?

b) Chris Brown why he fought RIhanna?

Friday, October 30, 2009

What is your favorite halloween memory?

Last 3 years because i was emo,Timara was a nerd or a geek,Faithe was a gothic emo,Cora was just Cora lol .It was realy fun and the other cosumes and they were funnny.them Timara,Cora,Faithe and i went trick or treating we got lots of candys.=]

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Immagrating =]

Why did they come to canada?
Cause they did something bad and they left.

How did they come to canada?
They came on a train.

What are their names?
Aaron and brian.

did they immagrate from?
They immigrated from British Columbia.

Where do they live in canada? Why
They live in yellowknife, they thought no one would find them.

What year did they immigrate?
They immigrated in 1976 cause thats when they planed to leave.

How do they feel about leaving their country & coming to canada?
hey felt ok and they are happy about coming to canada.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

make a better place

How to make La Loche Saskatchewan and Canada a better place.
No gangs, No violence, Keep the world clean, No graffiting on houses, shacks, school,and on other stuff

My goals

My goals are ? I want to be a nurse when i grow up,or have my own company, travel to diffrent places

Why i want to reach it? There is not lots of nurses in La Loche, I want my own company to have lots of money
and i want to travel diffrent places cause it seems intreasting and fun.

How im goin to reach it? Is to finsh school go to university or collage.